Opposites: Aries and Libra



Both signs are very outgoing in how they present themselves. They make themselves very clear in social situations, and both tend to enjoy being the center of attention. Both signs struggle opening up to others, especially if hurt in the past. They are very honest with their opinions, and will not let others speak down to them.


There are definitely more differences when it comes to these two signs. Like stated before, they do not allow others to scrutinize them; they react to this is two different ways, though. Aries make it ridiculously obvious when they are upset; they will yell at or talk to the person hurting them. On the other hand, Libra’s are quite different; they will distance themselves from the person upsetting them for a while. This built up anger will eventually explode in a dark rage. Aries act on the spot; Libra’s after a while. Libra’s tend to be a more flirtatious sign that Aries; Libra’s will flirt around with many, whether or not they are attracted to them. Aries on the other hand, are very picky when it comes to attraction/flirting.

Why they work well together

Opposites may always have troubles, but seem to always have an odd attraction towards one another. Aries will help a Libra settle down, and realize what they truly want. On the other hand, Libra’s will soothe the Aries when angry and teach them to become a calmer, better version of themselves. 


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